Ethics and Conduct

ID Propriete, member of The Fnaim undertakes to implement the Code of Ethics of its federation.


General principles

The professional  members complying  to the Fnaim Federation are convinced that the legitimacy of their  presence on the market and the trust clients give them, it’s based on the necessary compliance with the Code of Ethics. Providing clients with strong warranties of service and morality. They reaffirm, rightly, the respect of the principle of non-discrimination.

Compliance with laws and regulations

The Fnaim member is practicing is profession in the strict observance of laws, orders and regulations and rules of procedure of the Fnaim Federation and also the rules of its Code of Ethics. He keeps constantly informed on the latest laws and regulations which are of its fields of activity..

Requirement of competence and training

The professionals and their staff joining the Fnaim Federation  justify  of a professional  training at least equal to the legal obligations.

Transparency in the display of the services offered

In compliance with legal obligations, every Fnaim agency gives to the public accurate information, complete and rewarding of his professional activities and services offered, including added services, the amounts and methods of calculating the monetary payment paid by the clients and the agency skills and professional qualifications.

Professional liability and financial security

The Fnaim members subscribe to a professional liability insurance guaranteeing an optimum client protection. Regular audits are conducted by the Fnaim federation.

Remuneration clearly established

Whatever is the nature of his contribution, the FNAIM member will not receive any remuneration in the absence of a mandate or a contractual document specifying in advance the conditions of his mission and the associated remuneration.