ID Propriété, adhering FNAIM, guarantees you looking for a tenant in accordance with following steps:


We undertake the organization of visits to your property with potential tenants and defer to the interested people list of documents required to provide us:

  • last 3 rent receipts
  • 3 last salary slips
  • Last tax notice
  • Bank account details
  • Deposit if required

Tenant selection

We study carefully the files and select the person with the best financial guarantees

Drafting of the lease

We write the lease, taking care to respect the mandatory clauses, other prohibited, other highly recommended
to protect the interests of the lessor. The law of 1989 July 6th requires the preparation of a written lease signed between the landlord and the tenant.

In the lease information should appear:

  • Name and address of the owner and his agent
  • Description of housing
  • Description of possible public areas
  • Used made of the leased premises (its destination)
  • Amount of rent and condition of its revision
  • Amount of rental charges
  • Amount of security deposit. It cannot be revised during the lease or upon renewal of the lease.
  • Termination clause

Development of the inventory

We carry an inventory of your property.
The inventory is an essential document that describes the property, room by room, as well as the equipment he has. It must be attached to the lease (Act of 1989 July 6th). It compares the state of housing in the beginning and the end of the lease and will define if repairs are necessary, those borne by the owner or tenant.